Although quality management systems were originally developed for the manufacturing industry, there are a growing number of ship management and marine service companies which have or are in the process of obtaining quality management certification. International regulations are also under review which may require the certification of flag State administrations. The International Maritime Organization (IMO) Flag State Implementation (FSI) Subcommittee has also addressed the ability of maritime administrations to provide quality management and implement the international maritime conventions and rules properly.

Quality certification of a maritime administration's management system can be of tremendous benefit in overcoming the negative connotations about open ship registries and verifying a flag State's ability to implement and administer international rules and regulations in today's evolving maritime regulatory climate. ISO 9001:2008 certification provides an opportunity for well-run registries and flag States to have their management operations and administrative functions documented by internationally recognized, unbiased third-party auditors where STMR come into the field of Quality Management in Shipping Industry.