'The Sale and purchase of ship' is one of the important aspects of the shipping industry. It involves vast amounts of money (in excess of 100 million US Dollars) and requires different kinds of professional knowledge, such as knowledge of particular type of ship and its function, legal knowledge as well as dealing and bargaining knowledge. In order to reduce the number of disputes and smoothen the sale and purchase procedure, normally the ship-owner (seller) and the buyer will appoint brokers as middlemen to handle the transaction. There are three main stages for the sale and purchase of a ship which include (1) the negotiation and contract stage, (2) the inspections stage and (3) the completion.

Both dedicated and professional, our team of brokers specialise in all aspects of ship sale and purchase including: Dry Bulk Carriers, Tankers, Container Vessels, Gas Carriers, Reefers, Tugs and Barges.

Ship sale and purchase brokers are generally known as intermediaries between Ship-owners however at STMR we pride ourselves on our level of market knowledge to offer our clients an excellent service combined with up to the minute information. We are also pleased to offer services in sale and lease back/project business helping to offer fixed calculable income returns over a set period of time.