Vetting inspection is a grading system of a ship, enabling a potential charterer to compare between similar ships and choose the best for his needs, to maximize efficiency.

Ship vetting involves sourcing data on ships and evaluating the potential risks such as the ship’s structural integrity, competence of owners, managers and crew, past casualties and incidents.

This is inspection carried out on a vessel to assess the extent to which a vessel, its staff and its management’s comply with international legislation and industry standards, in order to enable a prospective charterer to determine the suitability of a vessel to carry their cargoes.

Vetting inspections are usually carried out at the request of a ship operator or owner, who wishes to present his or her vessel for assessment.

Vetting inspections are carried out on many types of vessels – tankers, bulk carriers, offshore units including oil rigs, offshore supply vessels, crew boats, accommodation barges, tugs, bunker barges, packaged goods barges etc.